A Major Public Health Problem in India

According to the 2020-22 Global Fund Report, Malaria is one of the major public health problems in India - with children 5 times more vulnerable to this disease. When cases in children were witnessing a sudden outbreak, Mortein insecticide stepped up, to help reach India’s goal of being Malaria-free by 2030.


Converting an Ancient Tradition into a Life-Saving Solution

Applying 2 Kaala Teekas (black dots) to protect children from the evil-eye is an age-old practice in Indian households, even mentioned in the most revered book in Hindu religion, th 2400-year-old ‘Mahabharata’. But the modern evil, malaria, was threatening the health of children and mothers were unable to find an absolute way to protect their little ones.

Dentsu Creative reformulated the traditional Kaala Teeka and infused black dots with Lemon Eucalyptus to offer a natural mosquito repellent for children in danger.


Ensuring Protection and Building Hope

The packaging was designed using Aipan folk art, also considered to ward-off the evil-eye, providing educational information, and soon mothers in the launch villages were choosing to use the Suraksha Ka Teeka over the traditional Kaala Teeka dots.

The brand went on to deploy this innovative solution across multiple states in India with high occurrences of Malaria and the new product helped Mortein establish its position as an expert in household mosquito repellents.

The Suraksha Ka Teeka ensured protection to not just children but built hope for families too as every healthy child meant that an entire generation was protected. Children were freed to thrive healthily, without any threat to their lives from fatal mosquito borne diseases.